Adventure 6: I Found a Garter Snake

Garter Snakes are brilliant.  I was walking down one of my friend’s gullies and suddenly I stepped on a baby garter snake!  It had a little cut but I wasn’t afraid of him.  I picked him up and put him in my net but he crawled out of one of my holes!  I caught him again with my hands and picked him up.  I showed him to my mom and my dad ran away.  My mom liked the garter snake a lot and my dad didn’t come outside to see.

The garter snake felt a little bit smooth and little bit bumpy.  He looked at me and he had a forkish tongue.  Garter snakes are not poisonous and in fact they are very harmless.


The baby garter snake eats slugs, earthworms, leeches and other invertebrates.  Invertebrates are animals without spines.




Now that it is the end of October I wonder where he could be?  Probably he is down under rocks with thousands of other garter snakes sleeping for the winter.  No animals will be able to get them through just a skinny hole.

He was a fun snake but I had to let him go.  I put him right back where I found him so I hope he found his way home.

Adventure 5: Origami

I woke up one morning and made all of these interesting animals.  They were made out of paper and it was called origami!


Make sure if you ever try this that you are very careful with the paper.  If you rip or crunch the paper it will look like a piece of trash.  And you know what that means… your Mom will think it’s just garbage!  So make sure you fold it neatly and match all the corners.  Then it will look like glorious animals.


I made three animals all by myself.  Here they are:




Then I made up a nice ship.


I also know how to make paper cranes and we’ve made a frog too!  Now get up and go fold some paper!

Adventure 4: My Metal Detector at the Beach

I like my metal detector because I like to find treasure!  I bought my metal detector for about $200 and I paid for it all by myself!  I sold my iPod that I got for Christmas and used the money I saved to pay for the rest.  So far I’ve searched the neighbours backyards, the baseball diamond and I’m still having fun with it.  Next I went to the beach!  It was a sunny, fun and warm day.


I have to press certain numbers to set my metal detector to detect certain metals and to tell it how far down to detect.  It detects up to 7 inches deep and iron, silver, copper, steel and all kinds of rusty metals.




Here I found my first treasure!



A clothespin!


That was pretty dull but I was pretty excited.  My sister used it to clip her paintings onto her painting board.  Then I searched again and found a few more things.




A bottle cap!


Then we went to the next beach at Port Stanley.



I didn’t find anything!  But…


I had fun in the water.


I guess it did find me a big treasure after all!


The beach!  That was a pretty big treasure.

Adventure Three: The PaddleBoat

This is a paddleboat I put together that I got from my Grandma and Grandpa in the mail.  In my video I’m showing you how to put it together, a game and how it works.

The Honey Experiment


This is a drawing I made of a honey bee and a bee hive.
Then we made it fancy in photoshop! 🙂

We went to the farmer’s market the other day and bought a jar of honey.  Well we thought it was honey!  It said it was honey.  But it tasted funny!  So that’s why we decided to try “The Honey Experiment”.

We got 3 kinds of honey.


These are the 3 kinds of honey we got for the experiment – well the jars that said it was honey.

One of these things just doesn’t belong here
Two of these things are kind of the same
Can you tell which one of these doesn’t belong here
Now it’s time to play our game

The Experiment:

We heard that if you swirl water over something that looks like honey it will forms shapes that look like honeycomb in the honey.  If it’s not real honey it won’t do anything and will look just like a blob of goo.

  1. Looked at the honey
  2. Smelled the honey
  3. Tasted the honey
  4. Swirled water around over the honey
  5. Looked at the honey again and questioned: Does it look like a honeycomb to you?  Did it change in pattern or shape?

Here is our first jar up!  Miel De Bosque Native Organico

First we poured it in a bowl:


Here’s what it looks like:


  1. It looks like honey: light golden yellowish with some bubbles
  2. It smells like honey
  3. It tastes like honey

Then we swirled water over it:


And after a few swirls it looked like this!


Honeycomb shapes formed right away!


Morelli Miel pura de Abeja 100% Natural


I put this one in the bowl:


A bit mess so I had to clean the jar:


Here’s what it looks like:


  1. It looks like honey: dark yellowish brownish with some bubbles
  2. It smells like honey
  3. It tastes like honey

We poured water over it:


Then we swirled water over it:


And after a few swirls it looked like this!


Doesn’t it look like honeycomb shapes?  Yup!


miel (that’s all it says about it 😉 )


We poured it in a bowl:


This is what it looked like:


  1. It looks like honey: medium brown with some bubbles but it doesn’t really pour like honey or spread like honey…
  2. It smells like burnt sugar
  3. It tastes like not really honey – sort of different – it made us wonder

We poured water over it:


We swirled it around:


And this is what it looked like – even after a long time of trying:


It still has the hole there where the water was poured on it.  It didn’t change a single bit.

So there is a difference between the two things that say they are honey and the one thing that says it is honey.  Because after this experiment we decided Jar 3 is definitely not honey.

Try this at your house to see if you have real honey!


  1. If honey and fake honey is mixed will this still work or not as much?
  2. Why does honey form into shapes of honeycombs when it’s swirled around in the water?
    • I say: the pollen in the honey remembers it’s shape is a honeycomb
    • Louisa says: because the comb is made of wax and the honey remembers its shape
    • Mom says: because there is pollen in honey and when you swirl it the pollen gathers together in a swirly pattern

    Is anybody right?  What is the real answer?

  3. Is there really any difference between organic honey and regular honey?  Bees fly all over the place so what is the difference in the honey?  Is it how the bee keepers look after the hives?  Let us know!

Hope you enjoyed our experiment!  See you!

Adventure Two: Cars & Elastics

Welcome to Adventure Number 2!

What I Learned:

  • if you put the car on the side of the stretched elastic it will shoot sideways or curve.
  • if you put the car in the middle of the stretched elastic it will shoot straight.

What You Learned:

  • that you can make games out of anything you find!


Adventure One: Nuts

When I was on a walk on the way to the subway I found something that looked like a nut.  It was green.  I cracked it open and there were little bright orange things inside!


I found even more green nuts that were bigger and I found out they were walnuts.


I’m always looking for things.

I’m going to have 1000 likes in one day!

I’m so excited about my first blog!  I’m going to explode!

I think I’m going to be the best experimentalist.